Step 1: Measure your dog before making a decision.

You know your dog better than anyone. How do they like to sleep? Does they take up a lot of space or do they roll into a little ball? Take all of this into consideration when choosing the size of your Calming Pet Bed.

Please keep in mind that the size chart and the dog breed chart are for reference only and that each bed is unique and sizes may vary slightly.

Calming Pet Bed Details:



Bed Diameter


Inner Diameter


15.7' / 40cm
7.9' / 20cm
19.7' / 50cm
11.8' / 30cm
23.6' / 60cm 15.7' / 40cm
Extra Large
27.6' / 70cm
19.7' / 50cm
31.5' / 80cm
27.6' / 60cm
39.4' / 100cm
31.5' / 80cm
Important: When in doubt, we always recommend sizing up for extra comfort

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