At VIXR, we believe...

Sleep is an essential foundation of overall well-being. In fact, it holds equal importance to maintaining a nourishing diet and engaging in regular exercise. Adequate rest not only supports a dog's robust immune system, but it also plays a crucial role in promoting a healthy brain function. It contributes to memory retention, uplifts mood, and enhances their capacity to learn.

A contented and rejuvenated dog is a truly happy companion! Ensuring comfort is paramount. While sleep patterns may vary among individual dogs, most furry friends typically spend approximately 50% of their day in slumber, roughly amounting to 12 to 14 hours. During waking hours, when they are not chasing squirrels or voicing their opinion on the neighbor's cat, dogs often engage in downtime—simply chilling, as we fondly describe it. Thus, providing them the utmost comfort while they unwind becomes all the more significant

Mental well-being holds equal significance to physical health. Those who have experienced anxiety understand the profound fear and immobilization it can bring. Ensuring our pets' serenity, safety, and relaxation is just as crucial as attending to their exercise routines and dietary needs. It marks an initial stride towards their long-term vitality.

All beings are embraced here. Dogs and cats, regardless of size, breed, or blend. And most importantly, people—regardless of origin or future path. We strongly advocate for love, kindness, and the pursuit of goodness, striving to leave the world in a better state than when we entered it. Therefore, fearlessly spread joy and embrace your truest self. Be the person your dog perceives you to be, and we assure you, the universe will respond in kind.

Dogs often surpass human companions in many ways. We challenge you to contest this notion 😉

Our Story

Founded in 2019 in the United Kingdom by two devoted animal enthusiasts, VIXR™ emerged from our shared love for dogs and our unwavering appreciation for all things cozy and snug. Embarking on this venture with spontaneity, we believed that we would find our way as we progressed. Now, a few years down the road, words fail to capture the immense significance of this once-small endeavor and the boundless dreams that lie ahead. Our world now brims with fur, playful paws, and affectionate slobbery kisses—and we wouldn't trade it for anything else!

What brings us the greatest joy is witnessing the profound impact our products have on our cherished customers. Nothing compares to browsing through the countless photos of peacefully slumbering pups we have received throughout the years. Knowing that we have played a part in the contentment and well-being of numerous dogs across the globe fills our hearts with an overwhelming sense of gratification and pride.